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don't comment if you're going to be rude. [28 Feb 2021|11:47am]
looking for the following pairings, looking to actually write and gain more experience as a writer with other amazing writers on this server! i know paying shouldn't be something i should be offering, but if you give me one of my favorite lines, i am willing to do so! it can either be pb or celeb!

kate moenning & evan rachel wood
demi lovato & ruby rose
johnny depp & orlando bloom
johnny depp & robert downey jr.
johnny depp & brad pitt
christian slater & brad pitt
leo dicaprio & tobey maguire
evan peters & colton haynes
joe jonas & zayn malik
zayn malik & justin bieber
justin bieber & travis mills
justin bieber & jaden smith
aaron carter & jesse mccartney
aj mclean & aaron carter
michael clifford & luke hemmings
matt good & andy biersack
jared leto & colin farrell
jared leto & jake gyllenhaal
lucky blue smith & dylan or brandon lee
nikki sixx & tommy lee
patrick stump & pete wentz
frank iero & mikey way
frank iero & pete wentz
gerard way & bert mccracken
shawn mendes & johnny weir
michael pitt & ryan gosling
chace crawford & ed westwick
dacre & joe keery
harry styles & nick grimshaw
harry styles & zac hanson
zac efron & dave franco
benji madden & tony lovato
benji madden & adam lambert
joel madden & adam lambert
matt lovato & jeremiah rangel
james hart & brandan from bleeding through
benji madden & m shadows
syn gates & zacky b
johnny christ & zacky b
ian somerhalder & paul wesley
macaulay culkin & elijah wood
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